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Invested July 2024. Oxwash is the world’s first future-proof, and clinically clean washing service. Oxwash is re-engineering the laundry process from the ground up; their aim is to achieve clinical-grade hygiene and net zero carbon emissions for the whole washing process.

Nova Pangaea Technologies

Invested in July 2024. We’re a cleantech business that’s created a revolutionary and proprietary patented process, called REFNOVA®. Our REFNOVA process enables our customers to convert woody and agricultural plant residues into high value sustainable biocarbons, biopolymers, biochemicals and advanced biofuels.


Invested in June 2024. The simple, affordable, integrated livestock management platform for cattle and sheep farmers worldwide.


Invested in June 2024. Synthetic DNA production for biotechnology solutions suitable for a range of applications, including: DNA templates for mRNA, personalized medicines and gene therapies.


Invested in April 2024. Konsileo are an Award-Winning Commercial Insurance Broker, providing a range of specialist insurance products to businesses across the UK.

Leap AI

Invested in July 2024. PikPak™ by Leap AI is a cutting-edge robotic food packing system engineered for end-of-line packing automation through the application of advanced robotic, vision, and software technologies, ensuring reliable and cost-effective product placement into trays and boxes.

Axol Bioscience

Invested in June 2024. We use iPSCs (Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells) to build more relevant models of human disease to expand your understanding and de-risk drug development.


Invested in June 2024. The UK’s leading digital medicine platform. Healthera re-invents the consumer medicine experience by digitising a network of thousands of local pharmacies.


Invested in June 2024. MiAlgae aims to revolutionise the current livestock and pet feed industries by producing microalgae rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) to offer as a replacement to fishmeal in feed.

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